As a child I would wander the banks of the Salmon River in Idaho and dream of large creatures sipping from it's shores and how I would maneuver around them without being seen. One technique would be to gather two large sticks and use them as stilts in the water as I quickly slushed by, just out of reach of their grasp. In other times, I would be brave and gather a spear to scare them off. Never would I harm the monster because I knew tomorrow their relatives would be out to get me if I did. They were often large, lumbering creatures who stood on two stumpy legs. Their entire bodies were covered in iridescent scales and their heads mimicked that of a hairless silverback gorilla with a tusks jutting out of their lower jaw.

These creatures along with large water snakes, giant man eating sturgeon, and yellow eyed wolves were part of my greatest adventure as a child. When I go back to that river, in my heart they are still there, waiting for my challenge.

Stemmed from the isolation of such a beautiful land, little touch with the outside world, and an imagination sparked by Ray Harryhausen and Willis O’Brien’s creations, I am the man I am today. This follows me, tugging at my heart in any endeavor I am a part of.

I seek adventure, always.

My Story

It’s hard to ignore the place I grew up in when talking about my story, even though you could literally drive over it instead of visit it’s historic setting. The town of White Bird has a current population of 91.

Believe it or not it’s the place I found my love for design. With little to do, I spent most of my time outdoors. In nature I discovered patterns in the leaves, atmospheric haze in the distance, and the love for drawing everything I could see. Just like the story above, I had an active imagination, and this translated into my love of art.


After I graduated with a BFA from the Graphic Design program at Oregon State University, I struck out on my own as a freelance designer. After a friend of mine returned from Colorado, we decided to combine our efforts and start a company. In the Winter of 2007, we formed Stump’d Design. It was a 5 year endeavor that taught me the in’s and out’s of running all aspects of a design firm and opened up new doors in the way of art direction and media exploration.

After deciding to limit our adventure of Stump’d in 2012 in favor of going off and finding new paths (including starting families), I began a career as the Senior Designer and Art Director of an Emmy Award winning film production studio. This gave me experiences I never knew I could enjoy, including art directing film productions and branding entire online courses. I also picked up a tip or two about the filmmaking and story telling process.

In person, I find enjoyment in my family, the work I do, and the seeing the potential in the world around me. My children are an inspiration. My wife is my rock. My hands are the tools I use to interpret what my brain is thinking. And my heart is always full with possibilities.